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This petty Sarek / mu!Georgiou ‘who knows Michael better’ shit fight gives me life.


oh my god and saru’s speech had me fuckin crying. lorca tried to turn this crew of scientists and explorers into soldiers and he failed. our humanity is always gonna be exploring, and no amount of brutality or violence or training get knock that drive away


Michael Burnham and the terrible, very bad, no good, horrible day


me after tonight’s episode

gabriel lorca: how do you even begin to explain michael burnham?
ash tyler: michael burnham is flawless.
paul stamets: she has two degrees in quantum physics and exoanthropology, and was a recipient for the vulcan scientific legion of honor.
hugh culber: i hear her hair is insured for ten thousand federation credits.
ellen landry: i hear she does suus mahna demonstrations on vulcan.
sylvia tilly: her favorite book is alice in wonderland.
saru: she was under the command of philippa georgiou…and she told her she was pretty.
kol: one time she tried to stab me in the face. it was awesome!

Paul: I guess I’m really a fun guy now Hugh
Hugh: …
Paul: a fun-guy! a fungi! get it Hugh?
Hugh:…I want a divorce


shoutout to Wilson Cruz and his acting in this episode (and the whole series tbh) because it was just on point. it broke my heart everytime Hugh watched Paul during all these jumps, when you saw how worried he was about him and when he shouted at Lorca to stop this. I smiled like an idiot when they kissed and he smiled because of Paul’s idea with the opera. Wilson really brings this character to life and I always feel with Hugh when he’s on screen


Everyone on USS Discovery is extra but no one will ever be as extra as Gabriel Lorca micromanaging his eyes’ photosensitivity on the bridge for singular purpose of watching Klingon Ship of the Dead going kablooy.


also anyone else ridiculously happy that the klingon war plot isn’t gonna be the series’ entire plot? it actually looks like it’s gonna be about exploration of other dimensions which is hella fuckin cool


All I want for Christmas is to un see that scene with Tyler & L’Rell