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Publicity photo of Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Pike, taken during the filming of “The Cage,” 1964. 

OK OK I’ll lay off with the blinking lights jokes

Yeoman Colt and Number One

The Talosian Keepers from “The Cage”/“The Menagerie”

A 1988 newspaper ad for an airing of “The Cage.”

Earlier versions of the original pilot had been made available on VHS, featuring black-and-white 16mm footage from Gene Roddenberry’s archives in place of the scenes that had been edited out of the original color negative (which was used for “The Menagerie.”) In 1987, a film archivist found a complete silent backup print and returned it to Roddenberry’s company, who licensed it to Paramount for use in a full-color home video release. 

(Thanks to @grayflannelsuit for finding this and sending it my way. I certainly would like to see Star Trek back in orbit on WPHL, Channel 17 – The Great Entertainer!)

Gene fussing over every detail while filming The Cage.

Very rare behind the scenes of “The Cage” with Majel Barrett, Jeffrey Hunter and Laurel Goodwin.

Leonard Nimoy and Gene Roddenberry during production of “The Cage” in 1964.

An early publicity photo of Spock from “The Cage” circa 1964.