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worf is like i HATE garak he has NO honor 😠 while holding garak’s hand

it is with a heavy heart that i report that i drew this

hey can u draw ur gomens lanham au?? I crave content


for the art requests– ash and michael doing anything, im so starved for Content(tm) of them


ash was supposed to teach her how to fish but they got distracted

For art requests: Tilly/Landry/Michael fluff or Pirate!Joyla


they went to a party

michael finding a lone flower on that planet she crash lands on (????) and being happy that they succeeded aka; happy red angel michael w flower because flowers + michael = v nice


drew this upside down..anyway let my wife relax

Elnor watching The Lord of The Rings

the elf is best character, obviously

elnor is babey

מִיכָאֵל מִן הַמַּיִם

oops lmao

we rly could’ve had it all