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Q, the omnipotent.

The fact that Spot is a cat and looks like an angel baby but is horrible to anyone but Data is ofc high comedy but imagine if Spot was something entirely different.

Data decides he wants a pet and tells Geordi “I named her Spot” which Geordi finds adorable and then they enter his quarters and a five armed Andorian battle squid is hanging from the ceiling.


love how the enterprise-d crew is just the biggest bunch of Dork Nerds in the galaxy. the relative social abilities score of everyone is -5 but since they’re all socially impaired it barely registers unless data (-7) shows up to slightly unnerve people. the national sport is 3-D chess. everyone has some obscure-ass virgin hobby like Shakespeare Bowling (try to recite an entire sonnet by memory before the ball hits the pins). the ability to perform classical music or paint portraits makes you unbearably sexy. everyone is perpetually doing a research project on a topic absolutely nobody else in the universe cares about. puzzle-solving video games are the drug of choice. grave interpersonal misunderstandings are generally worked out via LARPing and/or live theatre. there’s not a single ounce of Chad Energy aboard the ship except for Guinan, bless her.



His hair’s a cheap synthetic wig but his eyebrows are the elderly Dr. Soong’s plucked body hairs. Not saying where from


I havent laughed so hard in months

I post this through the tears. Thank you everyone.


Why is Data’s hair brown but his eyebrows are white, wrong answers only

Chrysalis: Julian starts a relationship with his patient after helping her out of a cataleptic state.


Galaxy’s Child: Geordi meets the real Leah Brahms after previously creating, and kissing, a holographic version of her in the episode Booby Trap.


I see a lot of parallells in these episodes, specifically regarding how the writers approach agency and characterize the actions of the male characters.

Both Julian and Geordi are shown as people looking for love and/or companionship. We sympathize with their struggle and of course wish them happiness. We understand that Geordi feels a real connection with the real Leah Brahms. Finally he gets to meet the woman he worked with and cared for as a real person! Finally Julian meets someone he cares about!

With both Julian and Geordi, there’s a lot of projecting going on. They project their ideas and hopes and dreams of a relationship onto Sarina and Leah. For different reasons its painfully clear that this projection is inappropriate and that it actually invalidates the agency of the women. 

In Sarina’s case because she has so little agency to begin with. Institutionalized for years and then wooed by the doctor helping her recover – the power imbalance is staggering. In Leah’s case because Geordi can’t possibly imagine her as a person beyond his own fantasy. When she isn’t as eager for a personal relationship to develop with this person she’s just met, she’s framed as rude. Her very natural reaction to discovering the holo program is framed as an overreaction and she even apologizes.

It’s pretty clear from how these episodes are written that the male characters aren’t supposed to come off creepy or inappropriate. In fact, at Memory Alpha Faith Salie (Sarina) even commented that “The writers made clear Sarina didn’t have to respond to Julian’s affections if she didn’t want to” – but that isn’t what the episode tells me. The power imbalance, her gratitude towards him, what’s at stake for her – it’s too big to successfully give the impression she can just say no. 

Julian stops because Sarina get’s overwhelmed and almost returns to her previous condition and Geordi stops because he finds out Leah is married. While Julian does some introspection at that point, Geordi really doesn’t. In both cases they should have had the foresight to understand how their actions were perceived and respect the boundaries of the other person yet, as I stated, their actions are not really framed as inappropriate. So there’s no affirming of boundaries, no promise to be mindful of stepping over the line, no character growth from realizing how projecting your romantic interest on someone else can violate that person’s trust and make them uncomfortable and/or make them feel unsafe.

I understand it’s made for narrative purposes, but Julian’s actions wouldn’t have been okay if Sarina hadn’t collapsed. And Leah being married shouldn’t be the one firm boundary for Geordi, instead of all the signals she sends that means no thank you.

In Galaxy’s Child Leah’s right to set her boundaries and ability to call out when violated is ultimately framed as irrational. Geordi’s behavior towards her is framed as him just being a nice guy. In Chrysalis, Sarina’s development is prioritized and some introspection occurs but Julian is ultimately also framed as being a nice guy with good intentions. The perspective is Julian’s and Geordi’s.

I think a lot of us realize that just because a person in the real world has good intentions, it doesn’t mean their actions can’t be harmful. Especially when it comes to men that do this kind of projecting in real life. 


can i just say?

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anyway, may all of you live with the courage and confidence of lwaxana troi, daughter of the fifth house, holder of the sacred chalice of rixx, heir to the holy rings of betazed


We need to dream in order to survive.