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i cant hear the echo of my footsteps
or remember the sounds of my own name

This has a very specific energy.

TNG cast get together, apart.


I never posted the full thing so here ya go






Data learns sign language.

Any chance an ASL-speaking follower could double check that translation?

lol people forget that ASL isn’t the only sign language! In fact, in this episode Data is speaking a signed con-lang, sign language from a planet called Solais V. It’s pretty cool actually because this episode addresses the fact that the universal translator is limited and can’t translate sign languages, which is why Data has to learn it in the first place. 

I always thought it weird that standard wasn’t a sign language. Considering that most species have hands but probably very different speech organs it would much more sense to create a visual language

Re, your tags: accents do exist in sign language! Which is very cool imo. 


data trying to imitate mona lisa




We are the Borg.

It’s the 300th Star Trek 365 illustration and of course it’s the one you guys have been waiting to see in it’s entirety!

You would think this would qualify me for a couple of nights off.

So everyone has been asking about this one.  Am I going to sell the original and how much?  Well I’m not going to sugarcoat this.  The original is not going to be cheap and I’m not even sure I want to part with it.

But you can buy the print, well 30 of you can anyway.  All in the A3 original size and if you are keen take a look at the original if it’s still there in the shop.