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TIL Gene Roddenberry never gave Captain Kirk a birthplace more specific than the state of Iowa. In 1985, when trying to find a theme for its annual festival, the town of Riverside voted to proclaim itself the future birthplace of the Starfleet officer. Roddenberry gave the town his blessing.



On the set of Star Trek, August 1966. This is the same Culver City backlot used by The Andy Griffith Show.


Spock by Amanda Tolleson
reehand digital painting on corel with oil paint brushes


Isaac Livengood




This particular moment in Star Trek is actually quite important. A lot of people don’t realise that understanding something is not the same as approving of something. This particular episode (A Taste of Armageddon) had a civilization where war was fought on computers instead of on the battlefield and instead of people dying in combat they would send the calculated amount of “casualities” into a camp to die. Kirk is outraged completely by this and rightly should be, but Spock is not so overtly disapproving. He understands why they might think their solution is better for their civilization and takes the time to think about why they are doing it. Even though he can understand why, he still believes it is wrong for them to be doing it. 

There is a separation between understanding something and  approving of something that a lot of people seem to miss. 


Kirk vs Kirk. 

Bonus –  Mirror Kirk 


when you’re the parent to an entire species you’re allowed to make the galaxy’s worst dad jokes


Select Japanese episode titles from the first season of Star Trek.



my brother just asked my mom why she thinks tos is stupid and she yelled angrily “because william shatner is a DWEEB!” and i snorted soda out my nose