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This Is How Journey To Babel Went, Right?

Sarek: It is family moments like this that I will never forget

Spock, not looking up from his PADD: With a skilled therapist, hopefully I will


in the FUTURE we don’t ASSUME 👏


year five comic says bi/pan kirk rights


It was Hungarian stuntman János Prohászka! He also played it and a couple of other aliens like the Mugatto on A Private Little War too (he was known mostly for playing apes and similar). Horta costume was originally made for the Outer Limits episode Probe, he just modified it a bit.

From MA:

We made a spec deal with Janos. If he came up with a really great creature for a script Gene Coon was writing, we’d rent it and hire him to play the part. Janos was back within a week’s time with his custom-designed creature. It was a large pancake-shaped glob of gook with a thickened raised center and fringe around its circumference. It sure didn’t look like much. As Janos took the glob out of sight to put it on, Gene Coon raised an objection "Bob, why are wasting time with this?” Suddenly, the blob skittered around the corner, making straight for us. Then it stopped, curiously, backed away, and rotated in place. The blob gathered itself up, quivered, made a whimsical up-and-down movement, grunted, and skittered away again – leaving behind a large, round white “egg”. Coon was dumbfounded. He watched the creature giving birth. And when the creature suddenly turned and scurried back to nuzzle its “child”, Gene was sold. “Great!” he exclaimed, “It’s perfect! Just what we need.” Then he excitedly hastened back to his office to finish writing the script. “Gene Coon’s "The Devil in the Dark” became one of Star Trek’s most famous episodes. And Janos Prohaska played his own creation, one of Star Trek’s most famous creatures, the highly imaginative and custom-designed mother Horta.“ (producer Bob Justman in Inside Star Trek: The Real Story)


who the fuck designed horta. lasagna, deep dish pizza looking ass. i absolutely love it



loving the color choice here. bi kirk rights


Khan’s gang of loyal followers.


My new Holographic Rainbow Star Trek Stickers are here!!!

I’m super excited about how these turned out!! I drew them with a bunch of Trekkie easter eggs like Scotty’s missing finger, Bones’ ring, and Spock’s eye shadow. And then I made the dotted beam up effect and it looks so cool!!

They’re now available on my Etsy. You can get individual characters, mix and match your ships in cheaper sets of 2 or 3, or get the entire crew (8pc) for even cheaper!


i see half-formed western-esc buildings on an inescapable barren world where the inhabitants act like NPCs and i go “wow horrifying i love it”


the whole episode is silly yet forboding and every aspect of the set design contributed to it perfectly. it’s not even a particularly good episode, i’m just a huge fan of the set


one of the most aesthetically pleasing (on all levels) settings in all of cinematic history is the goddamn Cowboy Limbo from star trek’s Spectre of the Gun and you will agree with me



is this not what happened

Hope you’re having a better Valentine’s Day than Scotty


Kirk is in charge of the brain cell because he’s the captain but that doesn’t mean he knows how to use it