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An absolutely exceptional scene from tomorrows episode.

Seven of Nine aboard the Delta Flyer.



janeway’s earth boyfriend mark or whatever gives me such a viscerally unpleasant feeling

Mark, aka: a dog-sitter for frequent several month missions was just too expensive on a captain’s salary so I resorted to heterosexuality

The Doctor at work in his office.





Janeway’s always got her eyes full of stars

HOLY WOW this is gorgeous where can I buy a print of it?!?!

Oh man I should have done this right away. 
I’ve uploaded this now to my society6 shop! (sans-watermark) 

[image description: A bust of Janeway. She’s looking up, amazed. A soft yellow light shines on her face. The background is a muted splay of colors, mostly red and blue. End description]

An alternate future Admiral Kathryn Janeway stands over Chakotay`s grave.


happy 25th anniversary to the show that saved my life

Chakotay and Tuvok lead an away team.

Chakotay, Seven and Janeway aboard Voyager.