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Janeway is having none of your shit.

Another post initially deemed too raunchy for Tumblr. This face is Forbidden.


The dangerously adult post that made it trough tumblr purgatory.

It was hidden and Tumblr told me that decision couldn’t be appealed (not offering any way of doing so) only to later the same day tell me my appeal had gone through. An appeal I couldn’t make because there was no appeal button…


not good!


OP, how do you feel about the fact that in Voyager, Harry and Naomi are both dead and replaced by the versions from an alternative universe?


ds9 is so fucked up. i just casually remembered that the original miles o’brien died of radiation poisoning in season 3 and for the rest of the series he was replaced by a time clone from the future


“I suppose it’s always going to be like this…. Me against the galaxy.”
“Well, the galaxy doesn’t stand a chance.”


… but that’s none of my business.


someone had to do it


what’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to do as an actor? force field acting is a special treat that we got on star trek, which was really fun! [x]