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Vulcan Script Stickers “LLAP” & “IDIC”  –  $4 pc

Wooo!!! These turned out really well, you guys!! I’m excited!! And you can find them on my brand new website!

There are two styles of the LLAP one – a black one with silver script and a clear one with black script – so you can have whichever effect you’d like!

Then I made the IDIC one nice and spacey.






Fic idea I was struck with the other day and keep thinking about: a Vulcan adopts a cat.

Still thinking about this, even though I’m not writing the fic!

This Vulcan, I’m calling her T’Pen, goes to a shelter and gets a cat, and the shelter employees are like, a bit weirded out? But obviously they’re going to give her a cat, I mean, she’s a Vulcan, she’s Super Responsible, she takes all the pamphlets and listens attentively to all the advice the shelter employees give her, even though it is obvious she researched a lot on her own.

Then T’Pen asks the shelter folks what she should name the cat and runs into That Thing Humans Do Where They Confound a Vulcan With Their Weird Ways

Shelter Employee 1: oh, you can name a cat anything! That’s what’s great! People names, common nouns, whole phrases.

Shelter Employee 2: yeah, nothing sounds weird on a cat. Everything from Chad to Cupboard is fair game.

SE 1: yeah, I mean, you can’t call a dog Chad, that would be weird

SE 2: I wouldn’t fuckin’ trust anyone who named their dog Chad

SE 1: oh word


T’Pen: ….fascinating.

Later, in the interest of furthering her anthropological study of Earth, T’Pen has a houseparty and she invites her coworkers, many of whom are human, but others which are aliens, and are fascinated by T’Pen’s cat

Vulcan Co-worker: T’Pen, what have you named this small Earth feline?

T’Pen: I have named him Marmalade.

Vucan co-worker: Is that not the name of a type of Terran fruit preserve? I do not understand the logic behind this choice.

T’Pen: the logic is self-evident to a human.

Human Co-worker: T’Pen, omg, you have a cat! What’s his name?

T’Pen: thank you for your inquiry. His name is Marmalade

Human Co-worker: oooh! yeah, that makes sense, because he’s orange and sweet! lmao, great name

Vulcan Co-worker: …

Vulcan Co-worker: ….fascinating

Human: So, how’s Marmalade?

T’Pen: He has the peculiar habit of walking on my workstation.

Human: Aggravating, isn’t it?

T’Pen: We Vulcans do not feel human emotions. However, I would prefer it if Marmalade stayed off my workstation, particularly when I am working.

Human: Get a box.

T’Pen: Murdering Marmalade seems an overreaction.

Human: No, you need a box with interior dimensions approximately the same as Marmalade’s body, and set it on the floor next to your workstation. Marmalade will sit in the box.

T’Pen: Why do you believe that this will work for Marmalade?

Human: We don’t know. It’s just something cats do. If he fits, he sits.

T’Pen: … Fascinating.

Vulcan Commander: T’Pen, you are posting videos of your cat. Explain.

T’pen: My colleagues are amused and entertained by Marmalade’s interactions with his environment. I am amused and entertained by their reactions as reflected in the comments.

Vulcan Commander (reading): “U haz done me a startle”?

T’Pen: Some of them like to verbalize what they believe are Marmalade’s thought processes. He is a cat, so they imagine that he does not grasp human spelling and grammar.

Vulcan Commander: … Fascinating. As you were. (signs off)

T’Pen (returning to her meal): Now I can haz lunch.




ashal-veh- darling; person (noun)

ashayam- beloved; a beloved person (noun)

ashalik– darling; beloved (noun)

tal-kam- dear (noun)

k’diwa– beloved (noun)

t’hy’la– friend; soulmate; brother; lover (noun)

taluhk nash-veh k’dular– i cherish thee (phrase)

taluhk– precious; dear; beloved

shok-tor– to kiss

ozh’esta– to finger kiss/finger embrace

el’ru’esta– hand embrace/hold hands

nartau– to embrace

ashau– to love (verb)

ashaya– love (noun)

teraya-martaya– to hug (verb)

shon-ha-lak– love at first sight



are there swear words in the vulcan language that yall know of? if so, drop them and the translation in the comments pls. if not then damn that fucking sucks

This is interesting! I don’t know of any but I do hope if they have such words they will be TOTALLY different from human swear words. All human swearing seems to me to be about either trashing a woman( bitch,bastard,mother***) or human sex/genitals (asshole,dick,cu**,fuck) etc.
I hope Vulcans have a compleeeeteeeely different idea of what swearing is…may be their swearing concept originates from trashing people who sleep more than 4 hrs or vulcans who who talk too much,lol.

English swear words are a lot about poop and sex. Swedish swear words are really centered around the devil. But Vulcans don’t have a devil, I guess?

Since Vulcans are telepaths maybe their swear words are telepathic? Since Vulcans usually don’t have single stray emotions like we would if we stub our toe and say “Fuck!”, maybe they evoke an entire concept or memory.

The Vulcan stubs her toe and everyone in the vicinity are suddenly feeling shame and embarrassment and want to sink into the floor like they are 12 years old and failed on a test at school.


Inspired by:

Just a little something because I’m obsessing over Star Trek again 😒

Gary Graham as Ambassador Soval


Star Trek: Discovery | Vulcan