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voyager and kids that look way older than they are

  • tho not really a child, kes is the most notable example. looked like she was in her 20s, was chronologically 1 to 3 years old. her species only lives 9 years total, so yeah, they speed the fuck thru this. looking like adults by 1. (note: they look like 10-12 year old children at 6 months old!)
  • naomi (by shows end) looks 12, is chronologically about 5. ages faster due to half being ktarian. she’ll level out by adulthood because we saw naomi as an adult in one ep, 17 years later, and she looked like a regular young lady, a little less than what icheb looked like, which is on point, so based on that naomi is not gonna age her way into an early grave, phew! now, i dunno if sped up childhood is due to hybridisation of human and ktarian genetics or if ktarians naturally go thru childhood like this
  • icheb, looks oh about 17, is chronologically 9. he was assimilated as a child and then put into a maturation chamber, which speeds up babies and children’s developments so they can become adult drones quicker. being released early, he has the appearance of a teenager. he’ll age normally from now on, just his chrono age is a decent ways behind
  • Q junior, looks also a teenager, like 17 or 18? chronologically is 4 years old, in human time. being a Q, time and appearance is a bit wonky. his teenager appearance is just something he’s choosing to look like. and it’s likely he’s actually hundreds or thousands of years old anyways
  • little b’elanna. she looked 12 when she was actually 5 in that flashback. amazingly, this is NOT a continuity error! klingons speed thru babyhood, childhood and teenagerhood very fast and then age normally from adulthood onwards. (this is why worf is about 5 years or so younger than several other tng main characters despite not looking it, and why alexander ages so fast, and also b’elanna and harry are the same age) one can assume this is due to being a Warrior Species, they evolved to speed pass the younger, weaker parts of life and get to Stronk Adulthood

note that all of the visual ages reflected in behaviour, emotions and cognitive abilities also. like none of these people are psychologically their chrono ages, thank merciful christ for that. sped up aging = sped up development

They really are the same age omg



okay that post sent me down a rabbit hole and this song is apparently the theme for quark’s bar. goblin music for SURE


no context just needed a gif set of Brent ready to throw down and Marina stopping him. If you need context though video is here


Most of my recent Star Trek reaction gifs in one handy post. Enjoy.




[What are the most interesting domino effects in history?]

[Star Trek: Voyager was not as well received as previous Star Trek series.  In 1997, producers decided to add a new character in an attempt to boost ratings.  Actress Jeri Ryan was brought in to play Seven of Nine.  Jeri’s frequent separations from her husband, Jack Ryan, due to her acting schedule contributed to their decision to divorce in 1999.

In 2004, Jack Ryan became the Republican nominee for an open Senate seat in Illinois.  During the campaign, the proceedings from Ryan’s divorce became public, and contained details of his sex life that did not make him look good.

The scandal forced Ryan to drop out of the Senate race in July, leaving the GOP time to only find token opposition to Democratic nominee Barack Obama.  Obama’s landslide victory in the Senate race helped launch him onto the national stage, allowing him to pull off an upset victory in the 2008 Democratic primary and win the presidential election.

TL;DR- The lackluster writing of Star Trek: Voyager helped pave the way for the Obama presidency.]

Thanks, Voyager!