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Say what you will about Facebook, this is probably one of the most accurately-targeted ads of all time

(Also, “Doctor Bones”? Did Jaylah write this ad?)

what I love about this ad is that it appears to be targeted toward people who are interested enough in Star Trek to watch two 70ish-year-old movies purely because they have Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley in them, yet simultaneously are somehow not interested in Star Trek enough to not need a refresher on which characters those two men were most famous for playing

also I looked up Fear in the Night and

literally DeForest Kelley’s first film role was playing a guy who gets hypnotized by an evil hypnotist and I’m dying WHY did this poor man wind up having to be mind-controlled on screen so often

It’s those “baby blue eyes,” clearly.

Also didn’t realize that DeForest’s first film role had the same last name as Spock’s mother… *hauls out the string and conspiracy board*


Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner filming the series finale of The Next Generation.


Brent Spiner and Whoopi Goldberg attend the 7th Annual American Cinema Awards, January 27, 1990