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“Khan, you bloodsucker. You’re gonna have to do your own dirty work now, do you hear me? Do you?!”


What says Christmas more than Captain Kirk? Well, it’s not Christmas Day in these photos exactly. But on November 29th, 1968 William Shatner dressed as Captain Kirk appeared in the Carillon Parade in Columbia, South Carolina. The first photo is a screenshot taken from WNOK (now WLTX) news footage of the event (link to the video later). The second and third are from the Walker Local and Family History Center Digital Collections at the Richlands Library in that city. (

If you want to see the video from the WNOK news coverage, you can find it here.

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Captain James T. Kirk (retired)



my brother just asked my mom why she thinks tos is stupid and she yelled angrily “because william shatner is a DWEEB!” and i snorted soda out my nose


De Kelley and Shatner cracking each other up.


Captain Kirk + Ripped Shirts


Young William Shatner literally looks like every single guy in vintage romance comics I’m not even kidding he really had that look



“Near the time of this production Nimoy told a newspaper writer, “Although we are essentially a humanistic show, the Enterprise is heavily armed and a lot of guns get shown. My way of avoiding participation in the violence was the Spock Pinch. I decided that Vulcans knew so much about the human anatomy that they could knock out an enemy just by pinching a nerve in the neck and the shoulders.” Nimoy approached Leo Penn with his idea. Shatner had been listening in, so when Penn asked for a demonstration, he quickly volunteered to be the guinea pig. Nimoy recalled, “I applied pressure to the juncture of Bill’s neck and shoulder, and he most convincingly fell into an ‘unconscious’ heap on the floor. Thus the famous neck pinch was born, in part because of Bill Shatner’s talent for fainting on cue.””

— marc cushman, these are the voyages, describing literally the best cast of all time ever (via spicyshimmy)

Leonard Nimoy: Can anyone here help me demonstrate this thing by overzealously fainting on command?

William “drama is my middle name” Shatner: my time has come


“Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” | The Twilight Zone




How is this even allowed, people???


I was honestly shocked that these photos are so… crisp?  Clear?? And then I realized that I’m used to TOS just constantly having Kirk lit with that soft fuzzy angelic light usually reserved for the women so I’ve never seen a pic of Shatner at this age with normal lighting/focus