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Bones’ flirting needs a lot of work

(so does Jim’s)

i would say ‘i’m dying’ but then bones would chase me down with a hypo and a lecture about ridiculous slang

Jim: Yeah, well, you can’t spell…um….uh…….hang on………

Bones: You can’t spell for shit because your proclivity for severe head trauma has wreaked havoc on the language centers in your brain.

Jim: Mean. 🙁

Bones: Can’t spell mean without “me,” kid.


You would be amazed at the number of people who have sent this to me. Tumblr friends. IRL friends. People I haven’t seen in years. My mom.

Apparently this is just my identity now. I brought it on myself. And I love it.




Look at this incredible star trek menorah someone posted in a Facebook group!!!


De Kelley and Shatner cracking each other up.



Starfleet Captain, spraying green goop all over you: I’m so sorry, but I’m bound to follow the Slime Directive


Star Trek Beyond is a bonafied Wholesome movie for a lot of reasons, but my favorite is that in a lot of ways it’s a response to the Motion Picture. it takes every depressing aspect from tmp (Jim joining the admiralty; Spock fleeing to Vulcan; the crew becoming scattered) and provides an answer. aos Jim realizes his best destiny is still to be captain of the Enterprise and decides not to join the admiralty. aos Spock considers fleeing to New Vulcan (not to Gol and not for kolinahr, but he’s fleeing all the same) but decides to stay as soon as he hears Jim say “What would i do without you, Spock?” the final shot is the crew standing together looking at the Enterprise, a visual promise that they’re still a family and not a group of friends who are about to scatter and become strangers to each other. 

i see a lot of depressing post-Beyond fics. a lot of world-weary, friends-becoming-strange, losing-faith-in-Starfleet-ideals kinda vibes. which is fine because we all need a healthy dose of melancholy now and then. but those kids are like. thirty at the most. they’ve lived darker lives than their tos counterparts. they’ve lost more and fought harder. 

i won’t be very surprised if Beyond is the last movie featuring that cast. but, as an ending, it’s satisfying. it corrects the mistakes of their tos counterparts. and if their timeline has so far been darker, here’s a chance to make it brighter. they fought tooth and nail for their “first, best destiny,” and in the end they choose to stay together. they choose to keep going on silly space adventures, even if we won’t get to see them.


“I am allowed to reference my wife in this context. I enquired whether it would be appropriate, and her response was affirmative. I love and respect Amanda very much. So I said to her, ‘We have been married for many years and have raised several children with varying success.’ And she knew that. I said, ‘Do you mind if I still speak of your emotionalism on stage?’ And Amanda said, ‘Yes, Sarek, you may do this. But just don’t say that I’m a human and that you don’t like me.’ I thought, ‘The qualifications for success are so much lower than I had previously theorized. That is all?’”


“I would never say that. It would be illogical to create such a show. Hello. My wife is human, and I do not like her. No. Go find a support group for insecure Vulcans in crisis, with keynote speakers Sybok and Spock. I would never say that, not even in jest, that my wife is human and I do not like her. That is not true. My wife is human and I find her presence very agreeable. She is a dynamite, five-foot, Jewish human and she is more than adequate. She and I have totally different styles. When Amanda walks down the street in ShiKahr, she does not care what anyone thinks is logical. Amanda is my hero.”


(When you watch “Star Trek” after “Kid Gorgeous” and have a dream that Sarek goes on a Vulcan comedy tour)


spock practicing chopsticks song for amanda


I made this inspired by my Dad, whose relentless dadjokes during my childhood made TNG that much more enjoyable. Every night was a new homograph (and yeah I have TONS more I want to add to this, but I got busy.) And yeah I’m showing my age here but screw it, Picard is awesome, fight me. 

Anyway, this looks simple but it was a deceptively large amount of work. There are a lot of easter eggs in the background, especially on the computer screens that no one will ever see, lol. 😀 I hope someone likes it! 



Bones, Embarrassed and 21 please?             

For you nonnie: a scowly Bones, totally flustered by all the flowers and affection showered upon his grumpy person by his loving crew