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garakworf is funny because garak feels very cool and smooth while making fun of worf for liking him but the second worf is comfortable enough displaying genuine emotions garak is like “i see on an unrelated note i must now lie down forever”

anyway garakworf real


Worf mans his post on the Defiant during red alert.

garakworf nation now is our time

worf is like i HATE garak he has NO honor 😠 while holding garak’s hand

they hated her because she told them the truth

y’all gonna make me become the ceo and spokesperson of garakworf huh

Worf and Jadzia argue over vacation on Risa.



So I learned that Worf ends up taking care of Spot after Nemesis (deleted scene apparently- I gotta look it up!), and it, er, rather captured my imagination XD

[Start ID: a halfbody drawing of Worf, he is spelling with his head on a light blue striped pillow. He’s wearing a long sleeved pink shirt and wearing a darker blue blanket. Ontop of Worf, lying on its side with their belly showing, is a Spot, Data’s cat. /end ID]