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I think the most stupid thing with how they introduced Alexander what that they killed K’Ehleyr. 

Just have her go missions for long periods of time instead, that are either dangerous or uncomfortable, so Worf have to care for his son. That way she can pop out and take back Alexander whenever. 

He isn’t around? Oh he’s with his mom for two months now. Oh they want an Alexander storyline? Yeah he’s here for 3 weeks while K’Ehleyr goes to make peace between the Zc and the Ughoblanches. 

That way Worf didn’t suddenly get tired of being a dad and sent Alexander back to Earth when the writers didn’t know what to do with Alexander anymore. He just went back to living with his mom most of the time and Worf sees him off screen.

When Worf transfers to Ds9 Alexander could also live with him there for extended periods of time or just show up now and then. And we could get K’Ehleyr as a guest star! 

She and Jadzia would have been an unstoppable force if they teamed up in everyone of Worf’s Klingon adventures.



My new favorite reaction image from @captaincrusher

Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Done




Worf is like… 50% Like That because he’s Klingon , 50% Like That because he grew up in Russia.

Hot take



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HERE is a comic i made at 4 am for @gayharrykim for the star trek pride exchange organized by @lieutenant-commander!! the prompt was worf/riker + music



i can’t believe we missed out on this friendship

Lieutenant Worf, Son of Mogh, stands with his …

Lieutenant Worf, Son of Mogh, stands with his cha’DIch and Captain, in the Great Hall of the Klingon High Council.




worf getting ignored for the 45th time in an episode 

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I’ve been watching lots of Star Trek this year but it wasn’t until Deep Space Nine that I actually kinda joined the fandom. There’s always so much reference searching involved when you’re starting to draw new fanart, but I’ll get there…!

It’s an old fandom and I feel a little self-conscious joining now, but better late then never 🙂 Thanks to Netflix, haha…

Welcome to the fandom! The Star Trek fandom has been respawning for 50 years – it’s never too late to join.
Love your art!