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[ small comforts ]

not exactly a teddy bear but it is soft enough


So there is one thing that is really weird and not well known about Star Trek. Technically, Vulcans canonically aren’t an actual species. Gene Roddenberry has stated many times that Spock is just a normal human man with strange ears. Vulcan is actually the family name of a large influential human family in Star Fleet, whose shared trait is their elfin ears. Later spin-offs like the Next Generation misunderstood this and made Vulcans their own species rather than just a weird looking family of humans.


I’m not sad. I’m almost happy.


My life consists of photoshopping Spock and/or Leonard Nimoy into various albeit fabulous situations.

Base picture from ‘Is There in Truth, No Beauty?’  because those specs are just too cool.

I also have a 1920×1200 HD wallpaper if anyone wants it.


Garak: (thinking the evening was going in a very different direction) –


at least he didn’t say dubstep


riker: captain, i think we should follow strict bofa protocol on this mission

picard: you know full well that we already follow the Barred Or Forbidden Armaments protocols and policies with any and all of our missions, riker. a man of your stature should know that.

picard: i’d die before i’d take weapons like those banned in the BOFA protocols into a battle, for the sheer damage they can do. horrendous

riker: i


riker: yes captain

picard: if you need a refresher, i suggest you spend some freetime at the holodeck, using the updog course

riker: what’s updog


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Just a little something because I’m obsessing over Star Trek again 😒


bones: i’m a big country fan

jim, trying to impress him: china is very large




Tired: Jim Kirk declaring “I don’t believe in no-win scenarios.”

Wired: Jim Kirk declaring, “That’s not impossible, that’s Jim-possible.”

[ID: 2 screenshots of Kirk standing on the bridge while McCoy and Spock stand to his left and right, looking at him. In the first, Kirk is gesturing with his arms out, saying, “That’s not impossible…” In the second, he’s holding both thumbs up and saying “That’s Jimpossible!” while McCoy looks to side and mutters “god help me.”]