This fearsome hunter just howled in his sleep




What’s wrong with me?

Some Star Trek reaction gifs from the poker game in “The quality of life”.


Voyager’s Chief of Security, Tuvok


But the PC episodes were like… in all of the other star treks? Same with the silly ones? Star Trek using future allegories to talk about modern day genocides and wars is a thing that’s been happening for all of Star Trek?


One of the first things I learned in this fandom is that a lot of self-identified “Star Trek fans” actually hate Star Trek and don’t seem to realize it


Between the “Star Trek was better before all this PC stuff” crowd and the “The silly Star Trek episodes are Bad” crowd I wonder if some people have watched Star Trek at all.

That is my point. If you remove those two categories of episodes you get no episodes at all.


A few additional thoughts on the Priory of the orange tree, the book I just read. I had no idea it was so hyped before now, but anyway:

  • Female centered fantasy. Many female characters. They live, they love, they are bad, they are good, they are heroes, they are mages. They are pirates and dragon riders and scholars and assassins. 
  • Solid wlw love story that is allowed to take up a lot of space
  • Extremely detailed world building
  • Probable ace/aro character (I think that’s the point but you can never quite be sure the writer doesn’t write a follow up where they suddenly find the love of their life). The character is central to the story.
  • I have some reservations about structure, pacing and how the queer representation could have been better but its a good book.