Cadet Nog serves as a living communication system aboard the Defiant.

I loved how Nog not being human was always framed as a benefit, not a problem. He is allowed to thrive and become a valued member of the crew based on his abilities and skills, some of which comes natural with Ferengi biology or culture.


That’s Starfleet property, okay. You cannae just take it.


Did y’all know Nana Visitor was in a sitcom in the nineties pre-Trek with Sandra Bullock? It was based on that one movie with Sigourney Weaver and Harrison Ford (but featured nobody from that movie, obviously), only lasted one season, and all that remains on the internet of it is a single episode mysteriously up on Youtube. 

Anyway, this promo shot is spectacular in every way and was giving me such strong delightful Kiradax vibes I had no choice but to follow through.


my sibling just handed me a doodle of spock and it said “be gay but don’t do crimes. crimes are a violation of starfleet regulations.”


sisko being the emissary to the little bajoran kids!!!!! ;-;


Star Trek:Picard + Isaac Asmiov, The Bicentennial Man

bones, smacking bread onto both sides of kirk’s head: what are you?
kirk: a snack
bones: No.


Quark’s and Rom’s quarters, as seen in Prophet motive and Body parts.

Personality wise this is very on point. Quark’s quarters are impersonal and everything is made from gold and leather. Rom’s is messy, has comfortable seating for multiple people because he actually has friends and the wall hangings looks like finds from the thrift store on the dark side of Bajor’s fifth moon.


Imagine the crew doing a secret santa and Bones is grumbling under his breath about getting Spock instead of Scotty because he knows what to get Scotty, but Spock is going to be impossible. It takes him a few minutes to realize Jim isn’t teasing him about it and he looks over only to see Jim’s very concerned face. 

“What’s wrong?”

“I have no idea what to get this person. I know what I’d want to get them, but I doubt they’d want it.”

Bones just cocks and eyebrow at Jim and rolls his eyes. “Jim, anything you give someone is going to be so genuinely thoughtful that they won’t care if they already have ten of them. Just go with what feels right. Now, help me figure out what you get an elf for christmas.” 

Jim snorts at the insult, but doesn’t bring up his secret santa until christmas day. 

To say the least, Bones is surprised by the passionate kiss Jim lands on him right in front of everyone. Jim just grins when Bones, a little breathless and fighting back a smile says, “See. I told you you’d do fine.”